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Fast and the Furious 9: Everything You Wish To Know

Fast and Furious 9

Fast and the Furious 9: Everything You Wish To Know

Who could have predicted that the amalgamation of fast cars, buffed bodies, and family loyalty would give rise to a critically respected juggernaut even after a decade following its release?

No one can outrun their past no matter how fast they run. The latest chapter in the saga is the Fast and Furious 9.

Back in 2001, when the first Fast and the Furious hit the big screen, everyone assumed it would fizzle out with the lesser-known Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Little did they know that this movie would exceed everyone’s expectations and still go strong after seven sequels.

This is the 20th year of the Fast and Furious movies, and it is believed that Universal Studios will be riding this behemoth till the wheels fall off. The way this franchise is progressing, it won’t be a surprise if our grandchildren will be taking us to Fast and Furious 26: The first-ever race in space!

And we should be so lucky.

Having said that, The Fast Saga will come to an end after F10 and F11. Allegedly.The premier date for Fast and Furious 9 has finally been released for June 2021 after months of delay with a physics-defying trailer. The extended trailer shows its stellar cast with a couple of new faces like John Cena as Dominic Torretto’s brother and several other returning ones.

Here’s What You Should Know About Fast And Furious 9

The release date—for real this time—is June 25th, 2021.

This date is for a theatrical release as there are no plans for a debut on HBO Max as you may know that Warner Brothers are doing with their theatrical releases.

Fast and Furious 9: Trailer Details

The new Fast and Furious trailer opens with scenes of the family reuniting with Dom and Letty on their farm with their son Brian. The three-minute trailer is a festive insanity of cliff jumps, a magnet plane, and a lot of shots of Cena and Diesel exchanging some super intense facial expressions. Han is somehow back from his death in Tokyo drift, and finally, Helen Mirren’s character gets a chance to drive.

Despite having died on screen in The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Sung Kung walks in casually as if nothing happened. This, of course, raises a lot of logical questions, but then the franchise consists of a lot of elements that are not possible in reality, so there could be literally any explanation for this comeback. So fans are asking, is the return of Gisele, his love, a tad too much to ask for?

Another WWE star has made a debut in the franchise apart from Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Rousey, namely John Cena. Not unlike everyone else in the film, Cena is an assassin, a thief, and a high-performance driver (duh!) who also happens to be the estranged brother of Dom. In the trailer, he’s seen working with Charlize Theron’s Cipher but why he hates Dom so much is still a mystery.

Almost everyone from Dom’s cherished family is set to appear in the film except for a core founding member Brian O’Conner due to the tragic death of the actor Paul Walker. The cast includes:

  • Vin Diesel
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Ludacris
  • Nathanial Emmanuel
  • Tyrese Gibson
  • Shad Moss

All of these much-loved/hated characters are back to clink Coronas with you—the extended family.

If you think that’s all, then hold up—there’s another surprise.

Dom’s sister Mia Toretto returns, who had previously exited the franchise along with Brian at the end of Furious 7 to neatly wrap up Walker’s storyline, how it affects Brian’s fate that still remains to be seen. However, as a die-hard fan it seems too cold to kill Brian off-screen and deprive us of closure.

The classy criminal and mother of Deckard Shaw, Helen Mirren, is back as Magdalene Shaw. Some other names that will be joining the cast are Finn cole of Animal Kingdom and Peaky Blinders, Cardi B, Anna Sawai, and the reggaeton singer Ozuna.

Who is the director of Fast and Furious 9?

The production began in June 2019 and is being directed by Justin Lin. His return makes the new film even more thrilling since he was the one who directed Tokyo Drift, Fast and Furious-1, Fast Five, and Fast 6. According to Vin Diesel, Lin is predicted to be at the helm of Fast and Furious 10 as well.

Where does this movie take place?

Where is Fast and Furious 9 set?

Throughout the franchise, the characters have been taken all over the world with high-octane stunts in places such as Havana, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo. This movie is no different. The filming kicked off in England, where Vin Diesel suggested that they’ll be shooting in Africa for the first time, and some say that part of the movie has been shot in Thailand as well, but it is not confirmed through official sources.

The shooting was all done and dusted in November 2019 with a thank-you note from the director to everyone that was involved in the multi-city production. He says that this was the most ambitious film in the series, and the notable services of the crew from London, Edinburgh, Tbilisi, Phuket, and Krabi, and Los Angeles made it happen.

Will this film see a recast of the late Paul Walker’s character?

Is Paul Walker Coming Back in Fast and Furious 9?

Until his death in 2013, Paul Walker played the beloved character Brian O’Conner aka undercover cop turned Toretto family member. Walkers starred in six of the movies until his character retires from the exciting yet dangerous life of car heists to become a family man at the end of Furious 7. But rumors have surfaced that Walker’s character has been recast, which has the fans in a tizzy. Most fans feel that Walker was the only Brian, but nobody is entirely sure of the way Walker’s storyline will be tackled in this film. Some say that Furious 7 held the perfect goodbye, while others feel like they could do with a bit more.

The Bottomline Although Walker was the glue that held the ensemble of the Fast Saga together, there still seem to be some stories worth telling. This is why the much-awaited release of Fast and Furious 9 is a highly anticipated event for fans worldwide. There isn’t any other franchise that offers so much excitement and family drama all wrapped up in one or 11 movies.

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